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New Homes Built With Purpose From the mid-$200's

New Homes Built With Purpose From the mid-$200's

New Homes Built With Purpose From the mid-$200'sNew Homes Built With Purpose From the mid-$200's

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The Denver Post - As Metro Denver prices continue to rise, one builder’s answer is to go smaller


July 28, 2019

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Mission Homes Colorado Prioritizes Quality, Affordability, Community, Charity in Berthoud

June 2019
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June 2019

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BIZWEST.COM Mission Homes lists this year’s charities – BizWest

November 27, 2018
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November 27, 2018

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The Reporter Herald

Mission Homes Colorado Co-Founders David and Stephanie Gregg

May 26, 2018

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Berthoud Surveyor

Mission Homes Colorado Founder David Gregg

May 17, 2018

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Why Harvest Farm Matters


October 2

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Colorado builder's new homes start under $300K


Colorado builder's new homes start under $300K

Mission Homes Colorado Groundbreaking & Ribbon Cutting

August 28, 2018 - We're So Excited!

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Video Reources

Creative, Innovative and Perfect for our Cottage Homes!


Some good resources. Bed with huge built-in dresser can double as your closet. Get the information here!

A Rich Life With Less Stuff: The Minimalists, TEDxWhitefish


Can you live with less? What is simple to you?  A little long, but some great food for thought! A Mission Home Cottage is a great step. https://youtu.be/GgBpyNsS-jU 

How To Create A Container Garden: This Old House With Roger Cook


The possibilities are endless to create beauty in a cottage-style home!  From gardens to interior design, you can be BIG with style in a SMALL home with This Old House.

Garden Home "Going Mini" We’re Shrinking Everything, With P. Allen Smith


Mini is the new black if you are looking for trending items in the housing and lifestyle world according to this video. Our Cottages are all the rage!

Garden Home Season 13 Small Spaces Episode With P. Allen Smith


Wow, so many creative storage ideas and closet care in this video and yes,the spa ideas are fun!  It's all you need for your new cottage home.

Is It Time To Become Uncluttered with the Minimalist


If you are tired of the clutter in your home and looking for a solution, this 12-week program may be just the answer you are looking for. 

Housing Industry Resources

The Cost of Housing Everywhere


The cost of homes is going up everywhere, says this article. Starting in the mid-200s, Mission Homes Colorado is honored to help fill a home need in Northern Colorado. 

Mission Homes Colorado: A Savings Account!


Mission Homes Colorado Cottages are like a savings account! A smller, more efficient home offers significant energy bill savings each month. 

High Housing Costs Push Teachers Out Farther


This article is interesting and concerning. Starting in the mid-$200's, Mission Homes Colorado aims to build cottages crafted by your neighbors with the right balance of quality, efficiency and livable affordability. 

Small + Simple Outdoor Living Spaces From Better Homes & Gardens


Small outdoor spaces are so cozy and colorful! This series of photos and descriptions shows you how. 

Tips For Downsizing Your Home Before Retirement From Purpose to Benefit


Here is a great article for those of you retiring or just downsizing. Whether it's your homes or your possessions, take steps and take time. 

IKEA Believes Home is the Most Important Place in the World


Mission Homes Colorado is dedicated to supporting its community as we move forward. It's our core mission. Here is another "small" thinking company doing its part!