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Our 'Homes Built With Purpose' vision is to help rediscover affordability in the new home marketplace. We desire to give purchase power to potential buyers that don’t need or can’t afford the current average American new home, all while sharing our profit with charities who help those in need.  

Our cottages are designed to benefit newlyweds, newly single, single parents, single income, fixed income, downsizers, downshifters, eco-conscious and empty nesters - anyone who wants to spend less money on their home and invest more time enjoying life. We want teachers, first responders, clergy, veterans, senior citizens, and anyone whose only present choice is to rent or live outside of Berthoud to be our neighbors.  If currently the only financial choice available to you is to rent or live outside of Berthoud, one of our Mission Homes Colorado cottages may be a perfect fit.

Adopting our teenage daughter in 2013 was a catalyst to a new mindset of ‘Simpler Life, Greater Purpose, Smaller Footprint’, leading to radical downsizing of careers and home to focus on giving time, talent and treasure in new and meaningful ways. While Mission Homes Colorado will give 25% of net profits to missions near and dear to our hearts - see our Charitable Partners page - home buyers will also get to choose from a list of local Berthoud non-profits who will benefit from a designated portion. In addition, new home owners can also apply for a Mission Homes scholarship to serve at a short-term (1-2 week) mission/service opportunity.  

Founders David and Stephanie Gregg have been a part of the Berthoud community since 1997 and are thrilled to call it Mission Home Colorado’s home base. Berthoud roots run deep with David’s great-grandfather a Berthoud train depot agent and grandmother Novella born in a cottage on Bimson Avenue. Their now grown kids, DJ and Angelina, attended local schools, and in 2019, DJ joined Mission Homes with 5 years experience in the homebuilding world and completing a Master's in Management from Colorado State University. David served as Mayor and Trustee for 12 years, and Stephanie is a member of Berthoud P.E.O. Chapter HA and has loved serving children and youth in the community through Scouts and Grace Place Church.  

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose." Romans 8:2

David and Stephanie Gregg
David and Stephanie Gregg

Mission Homes Colorado - Homes Built With Purpose

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