Our Cottage Series - Purposeful Floorplans To Fit Your Life

First Level Livingstone


A slightly larger Cottage plan, the Livingstone affords two Lower Level options in the kitchen area. The plan offers a total square footage of 1,056.

You can choose a Powder Room or a larger kitchen and the counter space is configured to allow for each option. 


The Cottage is named for David Livingstone, a Scottish Christian Congregationalist, a pioneer medical missionary with the London Missionary Society, an explorer in Africa, and one of the most popular British heroes of the late-19th-century Victorian era.  


“I determined never to stop until I had come to the end and achieved my purpose.”

- David Livingstone


Your Hometown

Welcome home! We have missed you. Your new hometown is an expansive playground, providing ample community opportunities to live, work and play.  


The Livingstone Upper Level


The Upper Level of The Livingstone Cottage features two bedrooms, a full bath and laundry.  

" Purposefully affordable, local and charitable – this is the heart of Mission Homes. Our cottages are crafted by your neighbors with the right balance of quality, efficiency and livable affordability.  

We will give 25% of our profits to Berthoud, Northern Colorado and non-profit mission organizations around the world, helping your home purchase purposefully benefit your community and beyond."

- David Gregg, AIA

John Zogby, author, founder of the Zogby International Poll and a contributor said there is a shift in the American Dream and the homes people come to fulfill that dream. They are:

  • Living with limits: Leaner, smaller, more personal and personalized
  • Embracing diversity: Global, networked and inclusive
  • Looking inward: Who I am, not what I own
  • Demanding authenticity: Searching for authenticity in a make-believe world


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